The German fashion company MAC Jeans receives the national award "AWARD DEUTSCHER NACHHALTIGKEITSPROJEKTE 2023" as well as the international sustainability award "EUROPEAN GREEN AWARD 2023" for its product innovation "CIRCULAR NETTLE BY MAC".


The trade magazine TextilWirtschaft has named MAC the overall winner of the TW ladies' trousers study. MAC has the best overall image according to the "Analysis Women's Pants 2023". The entire MAC team would like to thank the MAC customers!


MAC has been named a finalist for the German Sustainability Award 2023. In its statement, the independent jury of the prestigious award was particularly impressed by the successive expansion of the use of renewable fibers and the development of innovative production routes.


MAC received the coveted "Blooming Company" award from the Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection. How the harmony of economy, ecology and social commitment succeeds, lives the fashion company MAC JEANS based in Wald/Roßbach already for five decades.


The globally recognized standard is considered one of the most comprehensive sustainability standards for textiles. GOTS requires compliance with strict social and environmental criteria as well as specifications for the use of chemical substances along the entire value chain. Since 2020, we have been certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard - GOTS for short - so that some of our pants are allowed to carry the GOTS seal. The GOTS seal is awarded annually.


MAC aT a glance

The fashion company MAC, based near Regensburg, Germany, was founded in 1973 as a specialist for women's and men's pants and is today one of the leading trouser manufacturers in Europe. Every year MAC sells over 6 million pairs of pants from 6 collections eachfor women and men. The MAC mission, which drives a team of 480 employees day in, day outteam: to produce desirable, perfectly fitting pants of high quality under sustainable conditions.

sustainable Action drives us


economic Performance


society & social Commitment


protection of the environment and resources

Picture by Nomi Baumgartl

Our sustainability Strategy


creation of desire and Improvement
  • Sustainable materials
  • Chemical management (sustainable washing and dyeing)


constant analysing and optimizing
  • Supply chain mangagement
  • Innovation in product manufacturing
  • Circular economy


Saving energy and resources
  • Protection of the environment and climate
  • Water consumption & wastewater
  • Packaging


Taking responsibility
  • Safe work and workplace
  • Employees and employee development
  • Social commitment

HOW are mac trousers made?

Design, reasearch & cut

It all starts with the design and development of on-trend styles and perfect cuts.

raw material production

Even the production of raw materials like cotton, viscose and polyester can have a significant impact on people and the environment. This is why we use 100% sustainable cotton, for instance.

spinning, weaving

The raw materials are then made into yarns and woven into textile fabric.


Next comes the dyeing process. Our producers follow the legal guidelines on the use of chemicals and do not use bleaching agents.


In the next process step, tailoring, the fabrics and accessories –   like buttons, hang tags and labels – are used to make and finish       ready-to-wear MAC trousers.


After production, our trousers are transported to our logistics centre in Roßbach, Wald in the most environmentally friendly way possible. 

quality control

Before delivery to our sales partners or end consumers, we carry out strict quality controls at our company headquarters in Roßbach, Wald.


Our trousers are now sold worldwide through specialist retailers, online and via social media. Wherever possible, we renounce the use of all unnecessary shipping packaging.

where are mac trousers made?

Since our production takes place exclusively in Europe and neighbouring countries, our supply chain is more resilient to disruptions in globally networked supply chains. This makes MAC a reliable partner for specialist retail. The short transport routes also protect the environment. By way of comparison, the CO2 emissions for MAC transport are up to 98% lower than air freight from Asia and 15% lower than sea freight. 

Through regular visits to our production facilities and many years of trusting collaboration, we are able to monitor compliance with social standards much more effectively and know how and under which conditions MAC trousers are made.

Our next project? MAC trousers made and produced entirely in Germany!

  • Marker 1
    MAC headquarters Roßbach, Wald
  • Marker 2
    Weaving, spinning, dyeing mills
    Our spinning, weaving and dyeing mills are located in Turkey, Italy, Spain and Portugal.
  • Marker 3
    Production facilities
    Most of our trousers are made in Turkey. We also produce in Poland, Italy, North Macedonia, Morocco and Tunisia. We are extremely proud that a small number of our trousers are still made at our company headquarters and thus bear the ‘Made in Germany’ label.

Picture by Nomi Baumgartl

MAC contributes to the achievement of the un sustainabile development goals

sustainability report

Sustainability, solidarity and social commitment - these values, firmly anchored in MAC's corporate philosophy, remain at the heart of our actions for the year 2023. Last year, we again succeeded in making important progress in implementing our sustainability goals and further developing our strengths.

In constructive cooperation with our partners, we continue to work with full commitment on the development of desirable MAC trousers that are successively made of increasingly sustainable materials and that are created under increasingly environmentally friendly processes. At the same time, we want to make a contribution to our environment and our society.

With our Impact Report 2023, we would like to provide you with a comprehensive insight into our sustainability commitment, highlight the goals we have achieved so far and clarify what we still want to achieve in the future in order to always live up to our growing ambition.

DOWNLOAD Sustainability Report

operational energy concept for Mac

MAC is currently implementing an operational overall energy concept that has been developed in cooperation with students from the East Bavarian Technical University in Amberg. This energy program is supported by the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy. The concept includes, among other things, the installation of a photovoltaic system on the roofs of the company headquarters in Wald/Roßbach, which are built from sustainable materials. Another step in the project 'MAC becomes climate neutral'. Further sustainability goals and successes already achieved in the strategy lived by MAC in the triad of economic, ecological, and social responsibility are summarized annually in the MAC Sustainability Report. 


The clear architecture of our light-flooded and spacious company headquarters in the middle of greenery reflects our corporate culture and offers a pleasant working atmosphere. However, our goal was not to build an award-winning structure, bur rather a friendly environment in which everyone can feel at ease. A goal we have succeeded in.

Download DeKRa certificate

Flora & Fauna

Our spacious company premises amidst the gentle hilly landscape of the Upper Palatinate Forest provides an ideal habitat for many plants and animals. Trees and shrubs provide shelter for numerous bird species. The flowering meadows around the company building present a colorful sea of flowers during the summer months. In addition, the biodiversity provides a habitat for numerous small animals and insects such as butterflies, flies, bees, and bumblebees. The large area is also home to 20 bee colonies. A beekeeper takes care of the hives, which are distributed over the entire area. In the flower-rich environment and the nearby forests and fields, bees find sufficient food and, as flower pollinators, maintain our crops and agriculture. The protection of bat species is also close to our hearts. Therefore, bat boxes have been placed on trees and under the canopies of the company building. These serve as shelters and valuable roosts for the endangered mammal species.

Code of Conduct

MAC's Code of Conduct encompasses the company's ethical, social and environmental principles. As a guideline, it requires respectful interaction between colleagues within the company and regulates behavior towards business partners, nature, animals and the environment.

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social commitment

‘When it comes to making a positive contribution, we’re always happy to help’ - that is the credo of MAC. We are deeply aware of our responsibility and want to give some of our success back to society. Accordingly, we have always supported - regionally and nationally - social institutions and associations with donations in cash and in kind. These include clubs, youth organizations, schools, and kindergartens as well as senior citizen facilities. In addition, we support various charities as well as cultural organizations. Moreover, we are not only actively involved in environmental protection, but also help Nature and environmental protection associations monetarily through sponsorship contributions.